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How can I help?

How can I help?

Volunteers are an 'Essential' part of Little League!!!


Anyone can apply to become a volunteer. Whatever talents or skills you have, we can use them! Volunteers are parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, retirees, community leaders, former Little Leaguers, friends, neighbors, and more. Any community member who wishes to become a volunteer may apply.

All parents of children involved in Little League Baseball are strongly encouraged to volunteer. As a parent, volunteer, you have the opportunity to spend quality time with your child in a safe, fun-filled environment. Oftentimes, parent and child social lives parallel each other. Volunteering allows your life and your child's life to intersect on common ground, with shared interests and goals. 

Sunnyvale National relies on volunteers to help ensure that our organization remains structured and runs smoothly. We are always looking for responsible and enthusiastic individuals to support and coordinate Little League events and activities. As a volunteer, you should have a keen interest in the safety, well-being, and overall development of children. The benefits of volunteering are endless. You will also gain a better understanding of why you should become involved, who volunteers are, and what you can do to help.

No experience is required to become a volunteer. Most of the volunteer opportunities require little or no training. Sunnyvale National will provide you with any necessary training (as well as support and encouragement), as deemed necessary for the position in which you are applying for. The best volunteers are those who are able to bring added enjoyment to the game simply by being themselves. What you see during Little League games is a mere fraction of what you can do as a volunteer. You can volunteer to help in any aspect of Little League Baseball. There is a place for everyone and I'm sure your talents can be utilized.

Please take a minute to fill out the volunteer form while registering your child. If you are not a parent and would like to volunteer, take a minute to fill out the form while visiting during one of our walk-in registration date and locations. For NEW volunteers click here for our volunteer form. For all RETURNING volunteers click here for our volunteer forms.

Snack Shack Instructions

The SNLL Snack Shack is our main source of fundraising!!!

Your support in working at the snack Shack is crucial to the League's success and is greatly appreciated!
  • Each team must supply snack shack workers up to four or five times throughout the season. As each family is expected to work their turn, your cooperation is appreciated. Each team will be scheduled a specific week and it is up to your team admin to ensure that ALL shifts are covered during that week.
  • Your Team Administrator will schedule you for a shift and to remind you when you will be working. (If you are unable to work on the date you were scheduled, it is your responsibility to find another parent to switch shifts with and you MUST notify your team admin of the change).
  • Two parents are needed for each shift.
  • Your team will not be given a shift during your game time. If you would prefer to work your shift during your team's game, please notify your team admin so that you are scheduled accordingly.
  • If your child is participating in post-season play, plan to work post-season snack shack shifts.
  • Minimum age of workers is 16 years old. Please do not bring younger children to "help,” as they are not permitted inside the Snack Shack.
  • If there are any issues with your snack shack shift, please be courteous and notify us at least 3 days in advance.

Weekday Shifts begin promptly at 4:45 pm to give you ample time for training, and will end approximately 15 minutes after the last game ends. If you can not arrive by 4:45 pm, please ask your team admin for a Saturday shift. If you are working an evening shift or the last shift on Saturday, please plan on staying a few minutes afterward to help with clean-up.

Questions or concerns?
Contact Snack Shack Manager Jessica Clymo at 

Your first point of contact should always be your Team Admin or contact Christina Montalvo at