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About Divisions

Overview of Divisions

Each division of the league has specific ages associated with it.  The division that any player ends up playing in is based on age and or being drafted based on his or her abilities.  The following displays the different divisions and the criteria for players being placed there.

Majors: 10-12 years old: 9 years old drafted based on ability
Minors: 9-11 years old: 8 years old drafted based on ability, 12 years old based on safety concern
Farm: 8-9 years old: 7 years old drafted based on ability, 10 years old based on safety concern
Pioneer: 6-7 years old: Must have played one year of T-Ball if under 6 years old.
T-Ball:  4-5: Instructional level

* PLEASE NOTE: six years old may NOT "play up" in the Farm Division *

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A quick summary of the different divisions is provided below. 

In order to ensure fairly balanced competition teams in our league, player drafts are conducted for Majors, Minors, and Farm Divisions. 

Majors -
In the Majors Division, all 12 year olds, returning Majors players, and Managers’ kids are guaranteed a spot in that division.  10 and 11 year olds are then drafted based on ability to fill the remaining spots in the Division. 

Minors - 
In the Minors Division, all 11 year olds and returning players not drafted in Majors are only guaranteed in that spot, if it's not a safety concern.  9 and 10 year olds are selected based on ability and experience.

Farm -
7 year olds with experience can potentially get drafted into Farm.  6 year olds are NOT eligible to play in the Farm division.

*IMPORTANT* If you register late and teams are full, you will not be guaranteed a spot in the appropriate division as specified above. You also MUST attend evaluations in order to be available to DRAFT.


Age, Residency and School Verification

All players who are registered to play Little League this spring need to complete the age and residency or school boundary verification.
Verification will be conducted at the time of Registration. If registering online, you are required to come out to one of our walk-in registration dates to complete your verification.
  • For age verification, please bring your child’s original birth certificate.
  • For residency verification, please present three documents dated between February 2014 and February 2015 to show that the player resides within the Sunnyvale National Little League boundaries. Examples of documents you can provide include driver’s license, utility bills (PG&E, Water), phone bills, bank statements, insurance policies, pay stubs, etc. - as long as it provides your name and complete home address.
  • For school boundary verification, please provide documents from the school for the 2014-2015 school year. Examples of documents you can provide are school report cards or progress reports with your child's name and school year.
Click here for ALL eligibility requirements (school or residential boundaries)