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All Star Program

All Star Program

Welcome to the SNLL All Star Program. The selection process will begin in June and the players selected will be notified on or after the date set forth by Little League (June 15th), but no sooner. In general, practices will begin one week following closing day with District 44 tournament games starting later in June and ending in mid-July. 

Questions regarding the All Star program can be directed to:

Mike Elias
SNLL League President
Jon Maginot
Player Agent
Eligibility of Players:
  • A player MUST participate for at least 60 percent of the regular season as an eligible player in the proper division
  • A player MUST meet the requirements set forth in the Little League Rules and Regulations found here, in regards to participation in games or practices
  • A player MUST fall within the league age that's appropriate for their All Star Division
  • A player MUST be within the boundaries (residential or school) as defined by Little League Baseball, Inc - or have a waiver signed and approved at the District Level.
*If the Tournament Committee deems any player to be ineligible, it may result in forfeiture of tournament game(s), and/or removal of the team or teams in the local league from tournament play, and/or suspension or removal of personnel from further Little League activities, and/or suspension or revocation of the local league’s charter.

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