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Welcome to Sunnyvale National Little League

    Latest Scores and Home Runs Tracker

    For the week of 5/28:

    Sunnyvale National Cubs (Majors) May 31 vs. Metro Yankees L  (1-6)

    Sunnyvale National Cubs (Majors) May 26 vs. Serra Padres L  (3-10)

    Sunnyvale National Braves (Minors) May 26 vs. Serra Angels W  (14-8)

    Sunnyvale National Cardinals (Minors) May 24 vs. Southern Giants L  (0-15) 

    Home Runs:

    2 - Makaio Mullins (Braves) vs. Metro Pirates 4/4/16 and vs. ?? 5/10/16

    1 - Max Whetzel (Cubs) vs. Southern Cubs 5/14/16

    1 - Philip Dolzadelli (Cardinals) vs. Metro Red Sox 3/25/16

    1 - Philip Wolhar (Braves) vs. Southern Blue Jays 3/23/16

    (For old scores read here:

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    Fundraiser Winners! SNLL Nationals - watch the game.

    Watch the SNLL Fundraiser Winners game below. The Pioneer Nationals play the Pioneer Padres in this televised and recorded game from last weekend. Thanks to SNLL sponsor KMVT 15 Community Television for the coverage!

    Check out the New SNLL Facebook Page!

    We have now established our Facebook Page, please check it out here:

    Sunnyvale National Little League is a member of District 44. 
    Sunnyvale National offers fun, competitive baseball for youth ages 4-16.

    The Board would like to thank all of the loyal supporters of Sunnyvale National Little League. Volunteers, Parents, Participants and Sponsors are what makes this baseball program possible.

    For the most current information about field status (open or closed) please call the Turf Hotline (updated daily):

    Turf Hotline: (408) 730-7585

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